Proposed Elementary Boundary Adjustments

Next steps in the Proposed Elementary Boundary Adjustment process...

Our community input period ran October 18 through October 31.

The Steering Committee last met on November 13 at 6:00 PM at North Middle School, to review the proposed changes and other possible options before endorsing a final proposal for review by the School Board. This meeting was open to the public.

A final proposal was presented to the School Board at their monthly business meeting on November 15 (amended) at 6:00 PM in the library at North Middle School. This meeting was open to the public.

The soonest the School Board would approve any changes to the elementary school boundaries is December 6 (amended) at 6:00 PM at a board workshop at district offices (amended). This meeting is open to the public.

The District would initiate a process to reallocate personnel within the four elementary schools as needed following the approval of any boundary adjustments by the School Board.

The elementary schools would initiate a transition process for all students and families impacted by a change in school boundaries by the School Board.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Proposed Elementary Boundary Adjustments

Why change the elementary boundaries and why now?

Enrollment at Prairie Branch Elementary and Matthews Elementary is increasing and class sizes are projected to increase. Neither have the space for continued growth. Both Sni-A-Bar Elementary and Stony Point Elementary have empty classrooms and downward trending enrollment.

New home construction is on the rise within the Matthews and Prairie Branch attendance areas.

Prairie Branch Elementary has 575 students (91% capacity) and Matthews Elementary has 512 students (91% capacity), while Sni-A-Bar Elementary has 438 students (75% capacity) and Stony Point Elementary has 456 students (75% capacity). Student enrollment at Prairie Branch and Matthews has trended upward in recent years, while enrollment at Sni-A-Bar and Stony Point has trended down. The attendance areas at Prairie Branch and Matthews need to shrink and the attendance areas at Sni-A-Bar and Stony Point can grow.
The result will provide Matthews and Prairie Branch with room to grow roughly 90 students each.

What are the proposed changes?

The proposal calls for roughly 90 students each to transfer from Matthews to Stony Point, from Matthews to Sni-A-Bar, and from Prairie Branch to Matthews. The result will provide Matthews and Prairie Branch with room to grow roughly 90 students each over the next 6-10 years.

A map with the proposed boundary adjustments is attached and is available on our website under the FOR FAMILIES tab. A link is also available from our Grain Valley Schools App. This map captures the middle area of our school district directly impacted by the proposed boundary changes.

Why not build another elementary school?

The district has 1981 students in Kindergarten through fifth grades and our four elementary schools are at a combined capacity of 83%. This is an enrollment increase of 162 elementary students since 2009, an average increase of 18 students per year. We are 180 elementary students away from being at 90% capacity, which is our marker for when we would need an additional elementary school. Based on the growth over the past nine years, it could be 10 years before we need elementary #5. Even if elementary #5 is needed sooner, more space is needed at Matthews and Prairie Branch now and we have the space within the district.

How will the district help ensure a smooth transition for children and families?

We are committed to making the transition as smooth as possible for each child impacted by the change. With all of the growth over the years, our district has a long history of boundary adjustments and in working with our families on those changes.

Matthews, Sni-A-Bar, and Stony Point would each host an event for in-coming students during the school day yet this school year, plus host a family event. Each receiving school would also work with transitioning families to address individual needs on a case by case basis.

We recognize the importance of this transition and would work to make it as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

What about middle school boundaries?

An adjustment was made to our middle school boundaries in 2016 and that adjustment continues to be adequate. No further changes are needed to the middle school boundaries at this time.

The proposed elementary boundary adjustment does address a long-standing concern that some Matthews students go on to North Middle School while others go to South Middle School. Under the proposed elementary boundary changes, the new Matthews boundary would all be within that of North Middle School. Matthews neighborhoods currently within the boundary for South Middle School would attend Stony Point or Sni-A-Bar under the proposed changes and go on to middle school with all of their elementary classmates.

What happens next?

The district is hosting a community engagement meeting on Wednesday, October 17 beginning at 6:00 PM to share the need for adjusting elementary school boundaries at this time and how the adjustments address over-crowding at Matthews Elementary and Prairie Branch Elementary. This meeting will be held at North Middle School on Pink Hill Road and is open to the public.

We will also provide an online feedback option beginning on Thursday, October 18 for anyone who is not able to attend the October 17 community engagement event.

Input gathered from our community will be reviewed by the Steering Committee and administration. Any adjustments to the proposed boundary adjustment and/or transition plan as determined by the Steering Committee and district administration will be communicated to the School Board. The School Board will also see all feedback collected at the community engagement event and through the online feedback option.

The School Board is not expected to act on any proposal until at least the November 15 School Board meeting.

We will communicate with families directly impacted again before any final proposal is presented to the School Board for approval.
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