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Summer SOAR 2018

Thank you for choosing to send your child to Summer Soar 2018!

If your child currently attends Matthews Elementary or Prairie Branch Elementary, your child will attend Summer SOAR at Prairie Branch Elementary.  CLICK HERE to enroll at Prairie Branch Elementary

If your child normally attends Stony Point Elementary or Sni-A-Bar Elementary, your child will attend Summer SOAR at Stony Point Elementary. CLICK HERE to enroll at Stony Point Elementary

Summer SOAR will be held June 4th through the 29th. The hours of Summer SOAR for students entering grades K-5th are 8:00 am-2:40 pm.

Click here for a list of the available elementary Summer SOAR classes.

Class lists for Summer SOAR will be posted on the doors of Prairie Branch Elementary and Stony Point Elementary by 3:00 pm on Friday, June 1st. Students will be classified by the grade that they are going into for the fall. Please make sure you are looking at the correct grade when referring to Summer School communications. Each Summer SOAR Course will be capped at 25 students. 

Transportation to and from Summer SOAR is the responsibility of the parent. District transportation services are not available. Please be on time when dropping off and picking children from Summer SOAR. Students will be dropped off and picked up in the front of the building. When picking up students, parents will be directed to a numbered cone. 

Please ensure your child is at school on time each day. We have a fun and engaging program planned for them and want each child to begin their day on time. During the first two days of school students (1st-5th) will meet in the gym to find their class. Kindergarten students will meet in their classrooms. 

To help us ensure a smooth and safe dismissal process, please write the last name of your child on the pick-up sheet of paper provided below for our teachers to read as you pull up to pick up. To keep the line flowing, please pull forward to the cone you are directed and do not stop directly in front of the school to wait for your child. Please do not get out of your car. If you need to strap your child into their car seat, please pull forward and out of the parent pick up line to allow other students to be loaded.

Your child will eat lunch in the school cafeteria. They may either purchase a hot lunch from the cafeteria or bring a cold lunch from home. Hot lunch is $2.30. If your child brings a cold lunch, they may purchase milk or juice from the cafeteria for 50 cents. You may send in lunch money to put in your child’s account or you may send money daily. Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch may receive that service during summer school.

Breakfast will be served daily between 7:50-8:10 in the commons area. Breakfast is $1.60. Students qualifying for free or reduced lunches also qualify for breakfast. If your student is already enrolled, they are enrolled for Summer SOAR. Incoming siblings or new students will need to be added. Lunch and Breakfast menus will be available on the district site and sent home the first day of Summer SOAR.

All school and district policies from the regular school year apply to Summer SOAR.

On the first day, please send with your child the following supplies:

  • set of 8 crayons
  • scissors
  • 1 package of snacks (20 kids per room)
  • 2 glue sticks
  • 1 folder
  • package of pencils
  • a box to put supplies in
  • change of clothes (kindergarten and 1st grade only)

If you have trouble getting these supplies please let us know and we'll make sure your student has them the first day of Summer SOAR.

Please return the pick up information form back to your student’s teacher on the first day of Summer SOAR.

The staff and I are looking forward to a summer of fun and learning! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail.

Warmest Regards,

Sarah Mitchell
Stony Point Summer School Director
smitchell@gvr5.net or 816-847-7800

Cheryl Hubbard
Prairie Branch Summer School Director
chubbard@gvr5.net or 816-847-5070

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