Elementary Summer School Classes

Elementary Summer SOAR Classes:

Note: Each Course denotes availability by grade and school**
PB = Prairie Branch Elementary                SP= Stony Point Elementary

PB & SP Kindergarten - Camp Kindergarten- A camping we will go! Join us as we discover and bring the outdoors into the classroom. Kindergarten Camp will help prepare incoming kindergarteners for school by building friendships, learning routines, and getting a jump start on academics.

PB & SP 1st Grade - Stories on Stage - Bring stories to life! Students will create sets, scripts, and costumes while exploring story elements in this theatrical course.

PB ONLY 1st- Underwater Adventure Camp- This camp will feature reading, writing, science, and math activities around an ocean theme! How can you dissolve a shell? How do sharks float? Salt water density, ocean habitat zones, water bottle ocean zones, and project save the ocean where students will create a device to help keep our oceans clean; these are just a few adventures that we’ll take in our Underwater Adventure Camp!

SP ONLY 1st Grade - Space Camp - There’s no place like space to spend your summer. Blast off on a mission to explore, design, collaborate, and engage in space-themed activities. Students will travel virtually through space, design and launch a rocket, and train like an astronaut.

PB & SP 2nd/ 3rd Grades - Into the Wild- Come explore where the wild things are! Put on your safari hat as we travel to observe animals in their habitats. Students will observe zookeepers as they learn to care for animals in their habitat at The Kansas City Zoo.

PB ONLY 2nd/ 3rd Grades - Out of this World- Take a journey out of this world! We will discover the complex system that is our solar system. The sun, moon, the planets...even comets and asteroids too! Students will learn how to create a Google website that will attract tourists to explore our very own solar system!

PB ONLY 2nd/ 3rd Grades - Passport to the World- We will be traveling the world in 20 days! Our adventures will include virtual field trips, a “taste” of some countries, STEM activities based on famous landmarks around the globe, art creations, and learning about cultures and traditions! Join us as we journey around the world for an amazing adventure!

SP ONLY 2nd/3rd Grades - Legos, Legos, Legos! Do you love to use your imagination and build things? We will use Legos to create and problem solve different STEM activities. If you like Legos, you will love this class!

SP ONLY 2nd/3rd Grades - Imagineer Island- Attention pirates, princesses, and imagineers of all kinds. Come experience “a whole new world” of summer school. Learn how real Disney imagineers create magic on a daily basis. “Whistle while you work” while building your very own theme park from the ground up. We will explore character development, storyboarding, the science of roller coasters, park planning, and so much more. Let’s create “the happiest place on Earth!”

PB & SP 4th/5th Grades - Survivor- Survival skills in the wilderness requires will and skill! In order to survive, you must find food and water, build a shelter, and navigate your way. Do you have what it takes to survive, thrive and make it back to civilization? Test your skills during this four- week challenge with experiences at local conservation areas.

PB ONLY 4th/ 5th Grades - Reaching New Heights! Take a hands on approach to understanding the amazing heights and adventures we can create with simple machines! Add a force or a little motion and simply enjoy the ride from there! You will take on the role of project manager and engineer to collaboratively overcome obstacles and bring your roller coaster to life!

PB ONLY 4th/ 5th Grades - It’s Greek to Me!- Ancient Greece/ Greek Mythology- We will explore Greek myths in reading and writing. We will also research ancient Greece. In science we will complete STEAM and STEM activities related to natural phenomenons/ elements of Greek myths such as lightning, volcanoes and more! We will also complete Ancient Greek engineering challenges!

SP ONLY 4th/5th Grades - Level Up! Do you like to play video games? Join the quest to level up your learning. To unlock your inner gamer you must accept the mission to design games, create videos, and explore the digital world.

SP ONLY 4th/5th Grades - Junior Journalists - Extra, Extra learn all about it! Do you love writing and/or being on screen? Come be a part of the South-Side News! We will research, report, and produce daily and weekly segments that will showcase the greatness happening during summer school.
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