High School Summer Course Offerings

2018 Grain Valley High School
Summer Course Offerings

Credit Recovery:

  • Math:
    • Algebra I
    • Geometry
    • Algebra II
  • History
  • ELA
  • Science


Graduation-Required Courses:

  • Personal Finance
  • Physical Education
  • Health

Elective Courses: (Course Descriptions Below)

Class Title

Offered Session 1

(June 4-15)

Offered Session 2

(June 18-29)

Fine Arts (½ Credit)

Introduction to Improv



Practical Arts (½ Credit)

Exploring Computer Science

Exploring Digital Media

Computer Graphics Design

Woods 101

Electives (½ Credit)

Movie Mythology

Reading Comprehension 101

AP Euro Prep

Miscellaneous (No Course Credit)

A+ Tutoring

Elective Course Descriptions:
  • Algebra I Bootcamp: This camp will focus on concepts covered in students' Pre-Algebra Math Course that will be utilized in Algebra I. These include, but are not limited to, evaluating two step equations and inequalities, graphing equations, and solving algebraic functions. The goal of this class is to set up all students for success in Algebra for the 2018-2019 school year!
  • Introduction to Improv: In "Introduction to Improv" students will explore the theatre style of improvisational comedy made popular by shows like "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Students will learn the rules of improv, play games and develop scenes to develop their skills. This fun, active class will also help students develop team-building skills and self-confidence.
  • Exploring Computer Science: In this course students will explore how computing affects their lives, develop computational thinking, build career awareness about computing skills and build excitement for Computer Science. Through collaboration and a project-oriented approach, students will explore a hands-on environment, students will learning problem solving, software design, debugging strategies, and the foundation of Computer Science.
  • Exploring Digital Media : Students will explore various forms of media and multimedia. They will learn how to manipulate text, art and graphics, photography, animation, audio, and video for presentations in various media formats by creating a variety of fun, hands-on projects such as podcasts, PSA, news feature stories, news magazines, and infographics.
  • Computer Graphics Design: In this course students will explore the creative process to visually communicate messages and turn their ideas into newsletters, brochures, ads, posters and other objects while focusing on design concepts that are used to drive business and traffic.
  • Ceramics: In this class students will learn how to use the potter's wheel to create functional pottery. We will also learn a variety of hand building and glazing techniques. This class is made up of all clay projects, so come join the fun!
  • Movie Mythology: Human beings have shared stories since taking our first primordial steps. And the movies we know and love today still tell those very same stories - tales of action and adventure; of brave heroes and dastardly villains. In Movie Mythology, we take a look at the history behind the story - to examine movies as more than just mere entertainment, but as living, breathing literature. Movie Mythology is the Summer School course you never knew you wanted!
  • Reading Comprehension 101: Are you one of those readers who read a paragraph and try very hard to understand only to find out when you finish reading, you don't remember much and don't understand what you do remember? Do you want to get better at reading to make the transition into high school easier? Then we have a class for you. This class is designed to help readers who struggle with reading comprehension improve their reading and prepare them for reading in high school.
  • Photography: ​This course is designed to give students insight into a different form of communication, as well as allowing students to explore a new or different avenue of creativity. The course will give the students a basic understanding of creative composition, exposure, internal workings of the camera, Photoshop, and teaches students to properly critique the work of others.
  • AP Euro Prep: This course is designed to prepare incoming sophomores for the expectations of AP Euro. During the course, the students will complete their summer assignment for AP Euro/World History under the direction of an AP Euro teacher as well as working on writing and reading skills. This course is a springboard for setting students up for success in the AP Euro/World History course.
  • A+ Tutoring. Get your hours done over the course of 1 month! (Coordinate with Ms. Lever)

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