Middle School Summer Course Offerings

2018 SOAR Middle School Summer Course Offerings

Summer Learning:

Reading Explorations: Specifically designed for students who need extra instruction in Reading, this program will be a great way to avoid summer backslide and increase achievement. The students who are chosen for this opportunity will have smaller class sizes and more individualized instruction. With materials and lessons created to make the Reading program educational and fun, students will leave with a boost of confidence and an increase in success in reading. In this class, they will learn reading skills they can take into the next school year and beyond.

Math Investigations: Designed to supplement the Grain Valley Middle School Math curriculum, this program focuses on reinforcing the skills necessary for success in Math class. Using a “back to basics” approach, our instructors will work with students to build their Math skills from the ground up. With materials and lessons designed to engage student thinking and increase student achievement, students will improve their Math skills and learn strategies they can take into next school year and beyond.

Summer SOAR:

Spanish 110 - Conquistadors: Join the crew as we board the ship on another Spanish adventure. This year we learn familiar Spanish conversational skills and vocabulary. NEW THIS YEAR we will focus culturally on the Spanish Conquistadors and discovering the "New World". We will learn about the Aztec civilization and the growth of Spanish language and Culture in the new world. Be ready for lots of exciting games, crafts, and virtual tours through the ancient ruins of central america.

Hockey Scholar: Students will use the computer program Hockey Scholar, by Everfi, which is a free interactive computer program that uses math and science to understand how to successfully run a professional Hockey Team. Students will join up with the Saint Louis Blues and complete different tasks to earn trophies that add up their accomplishments. The ending result is helping the Blues earn the Stanley Cup. On the final day of each day/week, the teacher will have the students use manipulative (marker boards, washers, hockey sticks, pucks, balls, etc.) to reinforce the knowledge taught. Chromebooks would be needed for each student to complete this course.

Whose Line is it Anyway? Kids will be involved in public/small groups speaking opportunities where they will have to act on the fly with varying topics and props. Students will also critique other's performances and we will learn how to perform in front of a group of peers and receive positive/negative criticism.

Yoga 101: Students face tremendous pressure to achieve within a world that is often overwhelming. The tools of yoga and mindfulness offer proven methods of developing the inner resilience needed to navigate physical, mental and emotional stress. Yoga 101 will combine yoga and mindfulness practices in a fun and exciting way. In Yoga 101, we will focus on 6 key elements: Connect, Breathe, Move, Focus, Relax, and Happiness. Within these elements, students will be taught fundamental life skills that are immediately available for daily use!

Mythology for Middle School: If you love exciting adventures, war stories, and supernatural tales, you will love learning about Greek Mythology! From Nike shoes and Trident gum to Gatorade sports drinks, you will see how these myths are still referenced in modern times. We will use fun stories, movies, art, and music all to help us better understand Ancient Greece and their myths.

Around the World in 20 Days: Synopsis: Want to climb Kilimanjaro and see its three volcanic cones? Curious about Ayers Rock which could be 550 million years old? Machu Picchu—an ancient Inca fortress? The Great Pyramids? Explore from the comfort of your seat with Google Expeditions (Google Goggles), online sources, and hands-on activities to travel the world with us. Tour the land, visit the people, and experience the culture.

Escape! Do you have what it takes to outsmart your classmates? Learn how to escape rooms, solve word games, learn from guest speakers, design and implement breakout games, and reflect on worst case scenarios.

Techtronics: Have you ever wondered how NASA scientists learn about far away planets and moons? How do scientists create ways to keep viruses from making us sick? Could we really make solar powered cars for people to drive someday? Explore these questions and more in the Techtronics class this summer! This class will introduce you to four different types of engineering: electrical, mechanical, remote sensing, and biomedical. You will participate in a series of hands-on design challenges to create new ideas and bring them to life.

Alive! Have you ever wondered what you would do if all electricity were cut off, your cell phone and the Internet were now useless to you, and food supplies were running out? Would you panic or would you find solutions to these challenges? Work with your team to survive the zombie apocalypse!
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