Enrollment in Virtual Courses

The superintendent or designee will establish open enrollment periods and registration deadlines for students to enroll in virtual courses offered by the district or through MOCAP. These enrollment periods and registration deadlines will be strictly enforced unless the superintendent or designee determines that an exception is warranted due to circumstances such as a change in a student’s health or the long-term suspension of a student. Enrollment periods and registration deadlines must align with the district’s academic calendar and assessment schedule to the extent practicable.

A student or parent/guardian must notify the student’s principal or designee before the student may enroll in a district-sponsored virtual course or a MOCAP virtual course through the district. The student will be enrolled unless the principal or designee, in consultation with the student’s parents/guardians and relevant staff, such as the school counselor or district special education director, determines that there is good cause to refuse the student enrollment in the course. For enrollment in a MOCAP course, good cause is limited to situations where it is not in the best educational interest of the student to enroll in the course.

Students or parents/guardians who disagree with the principal’s or designee’s determination about a MOCAP course can appeal the decision to the Board of Education and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) as detailed later in this policy. For all other virtual courses, students or parents/guardians may appeal the decision to the superintendent or designee, and the superintendent’s or designee’s decision will be final. The superintendent or designee is authorized to consult the district’s attorney prior to making a decision.


Enrollment Period:

Requests for MOCAP courses will follow the district enrollment period. Our enrollment period for the 2019-2020 school year is now closed. Students will be able to request online courses for the 2020-2021 school year during the district enrollment period: January 3, 2020-February 3, 2020. At this time, any circumstance which falls outside the standard online course request must begin at the student's home school for review.

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